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Dear Brothers and Sisters – This page is dedicated to you, our members. You may think that your everyday duties and lives don’t amount to much, but without your constant presence and persistence to doing your job to the best of your ability you do make a difference to others around you, even if you never receive that so well deserved pat on the back!  And we want to hear about it and let others know.
If you know of someone who completed a course and received their degree, have been promoted, just got married, became a parent or grandparent or whatever, we would like to share that good news. Even if it is that you are just proud of your department or division, send us a blurp and give us some background. And if you would like to attach a picture that would be nice. If you are part of a group that handles certain duties around campus send us your pictures with names. We are here to promote you!
In this day and age when it seems that we are constantly being pushed and pulled in all directions and always feel the effects of to much work and not enough bodies to go around we would like to inject a internet “high five”! We all know how well we  do our jobs and we are proud of our work, even when it seems no one else cares.
So get the cameras ready and start typing. As this rolls on we may be injecting some fun projects for departments and / or divisions to compete in. You never know where the 602 eye will be roaming!!


Snowvember 2014

We would like to congratulate our fellow brothers in their heroic act here on campus.

UB Employees save child 10-2015

UB employees Russell Stith, right, and Dave Burgett came to the rescue of a young child who had stopped breathing and had no pulse. The child is reported to be doing well. Photo: Douglas Levere


“By all accounts, Mr. Stith saved the child’s life.” Police Chief Gerald Schoenle

The woman ran, screaming, to the loading dock at the Beane Center last Friday afternoon, a child in her arms. He was not breathing and had no pulse.

And thanks to the quick action of two UB employees, the child was revived and is reported to be doing well.

Russell Stith and Dave Burgett, both plumbers in University Facilities – Operations, were working in the plumbing shop in the Beane Center on the North Campus when they heard the woman’s calls for help. She had been waiting in her car outside the building when she noticed the child had become unresponsive.

The 5-year-old boy had a tracheotomy tube that had become obstructed, said Stith, a captain with the Ellicott Creek Volunteer Fire Company and former EMT. Burgett stabilized the child and Stith use a suction unit supplied by the woman to suction the tracheotomy tube. The child began breathing again and they performed CPR until his pulse returned.

University Police responded, along with Twin City Ambulance and Getzville Fire Company. The child was taken to Women’s and Children’s Hospital. He is reported to be doing well.

“By all accounts, Mr. Stith saved the child’s life,” said UB Police Chief Gerald W. Schoenle Jr.

Stitch told the UB Reporter it “feels great” to save a life and “put the training to use.”

He said that, “unfortunately,” Friday’s incident was not the first time he’s had to respond to such an event.



20140609_132101 (2)

Joe Toucceri, Jody Swinnich and Janet Konieczny.


20140609_132522 (2)-001

Jerry Kraft, John Kelly and Bill Cunningham