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October 2016 Longevity Lump Sum Payments

Please note that contrary to our 2011-1 6 Agreements, the State has taken the following position:

I ) Employees newly eligible for the five year LLS payment in October 2016 wil l not receive the five year LLS payment until a successor collective bargaining agreement is in place.

2) Employees newly eligible for the ten year LLS payment in October 2016 will only receive the five year LLS payment, but not receive the ten year LLS payment until a successor collective bargaining agreement is in place

If you have any questions please contact www.cseany.org or

CSEA, Inc.• 143 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12210

518-257-1000 .1-800-342-4146


Discrimination and Harassment Policy




Are you interested in learning more about your union? All the benefits that are available or even about the state of the negotiations? Do you have questions about your department or things that are happening there?  If you have at least 5 members in your department and/or surrounding area that would like a chance to talk to board members to ask your questions please contact Gina at 645-3040 and request a Lunch and Learn to come to your department for an informal question and gab fest. We all have many restrains concerning our time and we are trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be reached. So please take the time to ask around and set up a visit from your board members, the LRS (if possible) and if you request it, even Pearl Carroll. Hope to hear from you all soon!!



The strength of our union rests with the recruitment and education of new activists, often in the role of Steward. The Steward Course is designed to train Stewards in communicating, organizing and leading employees in the workplace. This six-hour course will teach the skills that are necessary to carry-out the responsibilities of the Steward.

Participants will be able to:
Create an effective communication network with the membership.
Organize the membership through workplace mapping.
Analyze a variety of workplace situations and develop an appropriate course of action.
Apply one-on-one organizing techniques to build and strengthen the Union.

Who should attend:
This workshop is designed for Local/Unit Officers, Stewards, Grievance Representatives and Activists who are interested in building and strengthening the Union through the Steward network.


Sisters and Brothers,

Ever heard of fast track? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t; big companies are counting on you not knowing about it, and keeping it that way.

Right now, Congress is debating fast track legislation to pass a trade deal written by corporations and lobbyists behind closed doors.  You can watch a 2 minute video about it here.

Fast track is a process used to negotiate huge trade deals that will not only drive wages down and ship jobs overseas, but will weaken regulations that keep our food safe and our financial system fair.

Write to your lawmakers. Tell them to put the brakes on fast track.

In solidarity,

Scott Frey Director, AFSCME Federal Government Affairs


Stand up for Democracy –

Please read!!!!



 Working Out of Title??

Civil Service Law prohibits employers from assigning civil service employees to perform the duties of any title unless the employee holds that title. In the current employment arena, where employers’ downsizing results in fewer staff and increased duties, we can expect an increased effort by employers to require staff to perform duties which are beyond the scope of their civil service titles. Since recent court cases have refined the statutory definition of “out-of-title” work, our grievances and appeals must also be refined. This publication seeks to guide Union members ,and staff in recognizing out-of-title situations, investigating and assessing complaints of out-of-title work, compiling evidence, and preparing grievances and responses in order to ensure employers’ compliance with Civil Service Law.

Read more: Are You Working Out of Title


Information Concerning the Weingarten Rights

Weingarten Rights

(UNION REPRESENTATION DURING INVESTIGATORY INTERVIEWS) A VITAL FUNCTION of a steward is to prevent management from coercing employees into confessions of misconduct. This is especially important when a worker is questioned by a supervisor experienced in interrogation techniques. The NLRA’s protection of concerted activity includes the right to request assistance from union representatives during investigatory interviews. This was declared by the Supreme Court in 1975 in NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc195. The rights announced by the Court have become known as Weingarten rights.


Salary Step Increments

Step Increases 2013-2015



To review our CSEA contract please go to this website.

Click here: CSEA Contract 2011-2016


Switch to the only union-endorsed worker-friendly credit card

You carry other credit cards. Why aren’t you using the only credit card that puts solidarity in your pocket? Now with 3 card choices—all with competitive rates, U.S. based customer service and more. Plus exclusive hardship grants for eligible cardholders.*


Driver Improvement Courses offered

The New York Safety Program driver improvement course is offered regularly at our Amherst and Rochester offices. An online option is also available at http://www.247defensivedriving.com/index.php.  Use the code CSEA.


Title, Code, Name and Description of Civil Service Titles: Click Here: http://www.cs.ny.gov/tsplan/tsp.html#S