New Employees Info

New employee info sheet 4-2013

The Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. Local 602
326 Crofts Hall University at Buffalo North Campus Buffalo, New York 14260 716-645-3040 / Fax 716-645-3415

New Employee Information Sheet
This document has been prepared to assist new employees and current staff involved with the personnel aspect of new employees. This document contains a list of privileges and services afforded new UB employees. Also included are the departments and persons to contact in the event of problems regarding new employees gaining access to the various privileges and services.

DB Card: “Your UBCard is your key to campus life”
FSA 645-6344
Martha McIlroy

Email /Web Access: “Your key to communications” CIT-Accounts 645-3542
CIT Accounts

Library Privileges: “Your key to knowledge” Libraries 645-2814
Karen D Senglaup

Parking Services: “Your key to parking” Parking 645-3943
Chris Austin

General personnel related concerns or issues:
Human Resource Services 645-7777

CSEA Office # 716-645-3040 Fax 716-645-3415
CSEA email:
CSEA website: